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The Mystery Of CSS Sprites: Techniques, Tools And Tutorials

Sven Lennartz

CSS Sprites are not new. In fact, they are a rather well-established technique and have managed to become common practice in Web development. Of course, CSS sprites are not always necessary, but in some situation they can bring significant advantages and improvements – particularly if you want to reduce your server load. And if you haven’t heard of CSS sprites before, now is probably a good time to learn what they are, how they work and what tools can help you create and use the technique in your projects.

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Creating & Using CSS Sprites

David Walsh

The idea of CSS sprites is pretty genius. For those of you who don't know the idea of a sprite, a sprite is basically multiple graphics compiled into one image. The advantages of using sprites are:
Fewer images for the browser to download, which means fewer requests to the server.
Total images size is generally smaller, so less download time for the user and less bandwidth consumption.
No ugly mouseover code. No Javasсript -- only CSS!
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